From everyday breads and rolls to deliciously sweet and savory pastries, Goldie’s Bakery has something for everyone’s palate.

Breads and Rolls

Our assortment of European-style breads include rye, sourdough, brioche, and vollkornbrot, with selections rotating daily. Other specialties include rye sticks, baguettes, and brioche rolls.

Muffins and Pastries

We bake some of the best muffins in Lancaster! Our customers also love our polenta shortbread cookies, Hungarian scones, and German donuts.

Specialty Treats

We’re always coming up with special treats like our chocolate walnut tart, short crust honey pie, and apfelkuchen (German apple cake.) You never know what you’ll find in our pastry case!

Let us do the baking for you! Order your baked goods online and pick them up in our shop